Already breaking Beatport’s Top 10 with his first release, Earbutter may just have the most original music video to date with the banger Hustlas and Customers.
– interview with Earbutter.

So first off how’d you like the Florida vibe at EDC?
Earbutter- It’s always a fun time. Love seeing my LA fam out there doing it big and this year there was some bad weather so that was a bummer, but besides that I appreciate the hospitality of dudes like Bunny and the Insomniac fam, my boys at Firestone showing some VIP love Friday and of course the after party we did Saturday with Nerd Rage, Dirty Phonics, Micro and some of the other heads that were in the building.

Isn’t it crazy how the EDM scene has evolved over the years in the States, I mean there’s even elementary kids flocking to the sound?
Earbutter- You know it used to be a culture, a family, an independent movement and now the corporations have taken it and made it something else. The art is lost and the hustle reigns supreme! Who can buy the most likes, the most comments or the most plays? What happened to DJing on tables or CDJ’s? Oh, you play on a controller…that’s a cool story bro, but that sync button is like stealing…it’s a facade at best. Not saying that is a bad thing entirely!  There are always pros and cons to everything, but I just feel bad for these kids who don’t know any better. Some of the acts they think are the shit, aren’t the shit…they are just shit.

Since I come from the school of shredder lead guitarist, talented MCs and turntablist, I can’t show love for these so-called artists who bring no skill to the table. They’re only brought to the limelight by these PR agencies even though they haven’t earned their scars on the battle field and developed their own following based on skill. I just live by the motto “evolve or die and keep it moving in a forward direction,” because bitching about something gets nothing accomplished. Strapping your boots on and finding a way that’s how you get it done. I’m happy over the years I’ve been able to develop a global following and it’s crazy how places like Russia or the Czech Republic have a certain scene with a certain type of person and the USA has their thing. It’s almost like commercial rap music, it’s just not big out there for the most part.

Most of my European friends listen to more lyrical Fatbeats style artist (for those of you who know what that was about when it was around) and not the corny stuff…guys like RIFF RAFF who can’t spit, they just aren’t respected there. I guess what I’m trying to say is maybe in other parts of the world people are a bit more cultured on the art therefore they connect well with artists that are really producing, really DJing or really rapping. But, in MERICA dudes are getting mad play that really aren’t talented. They just have a gimmick pushed by PR agencies to people in a way that they can’t say no and it’s just mind-blowing to me. That’s what EDM is now. You see dudes like Cakedup stealing people’s music and saying it’s theirs, punching dudes like Crizzly in the face and still selling out shows and getting booked. It’s pretty crazy to me. You’d think people would catch onto the fact that they aren’t able to produce original content that’s hot, they aren’t talented DJs or tablist so really what are they? A GIMMICK. So when you ask me this question, I can only tell you that I make music for the love, for the people and from my heart. I don’t have any of my content ghost written, I don’t have anyone make up my tablist routines, I make music in hopes it helps people in some way and I feel like a lot of the unoriginal so-called artists who don’t make their own content and press the space bar to play their set aren’t even close to being on the same wavelength. They just want money and fame and have no desire to impact people in a positive way.

What drives you to stand out among the many people seemingly getting behind the turntables these days?
Earbutter- You know I performed with Luminox a few months back at Iris in Atlanta and everybody looked at me like I was an alien life form when we walked in with the turntables. Still, when I did my thing that night, I had so many people compliment me on the tablist routines, the set and the skill knowing my set rides on needles and not on a digital format. For me, I came up listening to master guitarist playing guitar as a kid that evolved into tablism and I don’t do it to stand out, I do it because it’s an art form that I practice daily and I like to showcase it and do what I can to keep it alive. Some appreciate it, some clown on it, but I don’t care what people think, I just do what I love.

It’s got to be pretty rewarding to have support from a number of prominent names in the industry, but is there any chance we could hear a collaboration?
Earbutter- I just finished a monumental record with REDNEK called Tipsy Twerk. My version is a dubstep/trap hybrid joint and his remix is just a big room trap smasher. The girl that did the vocal on it is a hottie and the video we’re doing for it is bonkers. We are shopping it and as soon as it’s signed and we get a release date we’d love to let everyone hear it! I also have a few EPs on the back burner that are TBA and until the work is done, I don’t want to spoil any surprises.
When could we expect to hear you perform down here in South Florida?

Earbutter- I’d love to play Firestone in Orlando, Amps in Tampa, some of the prominent spots in Miami. Put my guy in touch with the talent buyers and we will make it happen!
Now your recent video Hustlas and Customers has drawn plenty of attention for its originality so tell me how that came together and could we expect other videos in similar fashion in the near future?
Earbutter- My boy from Russia Alex Krivoruchko is a big time film director in Moscow. We’ve been good friends for over a decade and sometimes I visit him in Europe or he visits me here. On his last visit we sat down and mapped it out and went to shooting. I’ve been into extreme sports and stunts my entire life so this video was a lot more fun than the usual stand around look cool with girls type of video shoot. More than anything it was cool to make a GTA in real life video that kids can relate to and know it was an original idea and we manifested it so well. The next video we are doing ia for Tipsy Twerk, which will be just as fun with a different concept. Expect some really hot shorties in tattoos getting really freaky with myself wherever we decide to shoot it.











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