Miami host regional Burning Man.

Freakishly Fun!! Burning Man’s regional event takes over Miami’s Virginia Key Beach Park for two days.

While Burning Man truly is a spectacle to behold, the regional burns continue to step up their game. In Miami Love Burn brings an ample bit of the energy that the big act does, but in a much smaller, more intimate setting. Guests can venture from the adventurous gatherings to a quiet beachside in mere minutes. However, the beach really just acts as a supplement for the event. Afterall, just like Burning Man, Love Burn creates an aura of community that is seemingly unreal to those arriving at it for the first time. People from all over share in the common theme of togetherness. You walk in a stranger and leave with somewhat an extended family. Labels are thrown out the door and self-expression is shown ever so brightly.

But, it’s not solely the people’s look and demeanor that creates the event’s ambiance, not even the music, instead it’s the artistic designs, which are at a premium. People build the most extravagant things from flickering neon lights over what looks like a massive snow globe to the ultimate gaming center based on this year’s theme of vintage 8-bit video and arcade games. Seriously, you couldn’t even imagine what some people came up with. Just put it this way, kind of like Vegas’s saying, “what happens at Love Burn stays at Love Burn.”

Aside from the theatrics including the closing fire, one of my favorite things about the event is the “gift” notion. People for no particular reason other than goodwill and to simply make others happy handout gifts, many of which are made on their own. The idea that somebody took the time to create something ultimately to give away to a stranger is truly profound. What’s even cooler is that there are unattended spots like a costume hub where people could literally grab what they want and go. The giver doesn’t even feel need to see the joy they bring.

Still, there are several places where people willingly give out food and drinks. It’s a good thing too, because regardless if you packed your campsite (if staying overnight) with what you believe was adequate, it’s never quite enough. Besides, there isn’t a vendor in site. You must bring everything you need for the 3 or more days you intend to stay. For more information on the event which began in 2014 please visit


Actually able to crawl inside and hear pretty cool echoes.

Grab whatever book you like as a gift

one of the many bars offering free drinks

one of countless entertainment volunteers

Inside lies a creepy short story for guests to read