Renaissance Festival

Pub crawl at the Renaissance Festival, need I say more?
– review of the activity within the annual event at Quiet Waters Park (Deerfield Beach).

Kind of like tailgating for your favorite sport, the Renaissance Festival is ready to get the beer flowing in the afternoon and again just a few hours later. However, unlike the sporting events, the festival does have a limited number of spots so make sure to book the Pub Crawl as soon as possible. Tickets to the it are available at the Box Office or at the Souvenir Booth located at the Main Entrance. Price is $25.00 Per Person in addition to your entry fee and includes a different beer at one of five stops. You must be 21 or over to participate with a Valid I.D. Trust me you’re saving money if planning to purchase that many beers.

Throughout the beer-drenched quest, laughs are aplenty courtesy of your guides, but also the other guests joining you. Afterall, one of the best parts of the Pub Crawl is that you have an opportunity to be a part of the improvisational fun. Literally, your best subject matter is tossed to the guides who spin it into some raunchy, yet hysterical jokes.

Beers on the crawl include, Guinness, “a good starter beer since lot of vitamins and nutrients, plus good for nursing children,” and a Strongbow Cider.

While the Pub Crawl regrettably doesn’t last all day, it’s sure to be your hazzah moment hours later while roaming the festival. Bottoms up.

can’t miss show for adults every time you’re at Renaissance Festival. Where else could you have a friend ripped to shreds for a little bit of cash. The more you raise the dirtier he gets.

a break during Pub Crawl

always nice to get recognized for your achievements

guests gets in on the toasts