Face to Face

Punk rock, the way it’s meant to be seen, IN YOUR FACE!!
– review of the show at Propaganda (Lake Worth).

While Face to Face has been a staple in the punk rock scene for many years, the intimate show has been something that has alluded them for a long while, largely because they’re just too popular for smaller venues. However, on their latest Econo Tour, really a throwback to their earliest days, the band has catered heavily to that stripped-down mindset, even to the point of riding through the country in a van instead of their traditional tour bus. For nearly all those in attendance that raw in your face energy was never more present. Besides, with people packed to the brim, the few hundreds (instead of commonly thousands) were literally on top of each other, sweating and singing along to anthems that have been echoed for more than twenty years.

The setlist included music from several albums Don’t Turn Away, Big Choice, their self-titled album, How to Ruin Everything and their recent album Protection.