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Dead Letter Circus

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Already juggernauts in Australia, Dead Letter Circus comes stateside with their latest album The Catalyst Fire.

Getting major support from band Linkin Park.
-interview with Kim Benzie.


Honestly I’m lost for words...the best I could really say is THANK YOU. It seems these days that the gritty alternative rock that I’ve come to love in the 90’s has become somewhat of a dying breed in the States. Do you kind of feel it’s on you and your band to really take back the radio here?
Kim Benzie- We're happy to except the challenge. Loved the songwriting in the 90's too.

After releasing your new album Catalyst Fire a short time ago and having already played a few co-headlining dates here in the U.S., how’s the reception been? Could it compare at all to the circus it seems you attracted back in Australia?
Kim Benzie- Not yet, but it's growing for sure. It's actually fun starting again in a territory and being the underdogs again. Walking onto a stage as a support band where most of the people don't even know your name is one of the most exciting things you get to do in your career. Getting to do it all over again 8 years in is awesome as we are way better players than when we went through this last time so the wow factor is increased. But, I'm not saying that I'm not excited about the rest of the world getting to the same fever pitched vibe as home though.

What’s it about the music that just drives your passion in each and every song, afterall there really doesn’t seem to be any fillers?
Kim Benzie- I've been a strong advocate of all killer no filler from the start with the band. I despise the way that the industry leaned towards albums have 3 good songs and a bunch of not so great ones purely to get a product out there. Albums and music live forever, it means a lot to people, yes it is a business but if you let music become all about a pursuit of money and profit , then that's exactly why you'll be forgotten. We are creating legacy and an aural snapshot of our culture at this time. It's something to be taken seriously and is the responsibility of the artist. We've been lucky with our team, but most managers and labels won't care about this factor. They want album cycles to promote touring so they can make cash.

For many people music often takes them on a journey so could you paint a picture of where you intend your listeners to travel?
Kim Benzie- Every song is different but the obvious answer is to the place I went when I wrote it I guess. This music feels very much channeled rather than written so it may actually be out of our hands.

While it seems you guys always stays true to form, do you ever feel obligated to alter your sound considering the many places you performed or the other bands you shared the stage with? Why or why not?
Kim Benzie- We are pretty early into our career still in reality. The next album will need to forge bravely into new territory as we feel like we've carved out our own niche and explored it's bounds to it's potential. Our previous album saw us broaden our horizons a lot from our debut EP but not with confidence. The Catalyst Fire was us knowing what we could do and going hard at it with meticulous detail and with a sense of direction.

What was it like sharing the stage with Linkin Park and Muse?
Kim Benzie- It was awesome as we had a window into what the next tier of being a band can hold with regard to production. Once you hit stadium level the limitations placed on your imagination to put on a show are vastly removed. We have big plans.

Now, you’ve toured quite a bit, but what would be the ultimate spot if you could perform anywhere?
Kim Benzie- A fantasy concert would be something download festival size, in a remote spiritually energetic places like India or South America. Where there is real desperation and emotion to be thrown back at the bands from people who wouldn't normally have access to the show they would receive.

What about if you could get your music played in any movie be it old or new? I swear I could imagine hearing it a movie like The Crow.
Kim Benzie- I would love to be on the Fight Club or Natural Born Killers Soundtrack. DLC definitely has an action movie vibe about t too I think. Transformers, Mad Max?

Now unbeknownst to a lot of listeners, the band’s artwork derived from a trip made while traveling the Amazon and Peru so could you tell me about that?
Kim Benzie- I met an amazing artist named Klara Soukalova when I was travelling in the Peruvian Amazon a few years back who is an apprentice ayahuasca shaman as well as an incredible ethereal being. She designed a tattoo that I now wear on my chest which felt so connected to the music we decided to ask her if she would collaborate with our artist in Australia to create our album art. 2 months and 102 versions later The Catalyst Fire Mandala had come to life and began it's journey into other people's minds around the world.

How much does nature play a part in your music?
Kim Benzie- I try to spend as much time connected to nature as possible especially when writing as you spend a lot of time in front of screens and technology. I am a firm believer in the respect and worship of the earth as a mother Deity and I'd hope that comes through on some level through the music.

Just wrapping it up, what comes next? Singles, Videos, more U.S. tour dates (hopefully in South Florida) or things going on with your websites?
Kim Benzie- We are about to launch a new video and single in the next couple of days. Following that a tour with our mates Karnivool in Australia and then I believe we are coming back to the US and Europe to further the cause abroad.

Definitely get your hands on their latest album The Catalyst Fire, out now via The End Records right here.

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