Rugged Runner Challenge

Mild-mannered mud run proves perfect for a family outing.
– review of the event at Dreher Park (West Palm Beach).

Yes, you read right, the Rugged Runner Challenge really is a ton of fun for families with even the smallest of teenagers able to join in. It includes a 4-mile race for participants 13 and older and a kids (13 and under) 2-mile race. It was such a cool sight to see mothers and fathers running alongside their kids and scaling over and under several obstacles, 20 in all. There really wasn’t an obstacle ever in question of completing. Furthermore, with a few water stations you never had to worry about completely gassing out. It’s a good thing too, because even after finishing down the long water slide, runners were able to play in a large kickball game.

Medals were given to all finishers and the first 1000 participants received a custom made shirt. If you were driven enough to finish in the top 3 of your age group, there were awards for that as well as awards to the top 3 teams. The age groups ranged within 3-4 years starting in the group of 13-15 year olds all the way to 55+.

Girls on the Run Palm Beach is the host of the Rugged Runner Challenge. Proceeds from the event will provide scholarships to girls from low income families to enable their participation in several of the programs.

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