Armageddon Ambush

Short run, but hefty obstacles await would be thrill-seekers or those simply looking for an unreal time.
– interview with Laura Levy, part of the family owned business.

What type of obstacles people should expect (rigorous or easy). In other words how in shape should one expect to be when attending?
Laura- There are between 18-25 Obstacles in a short 5k Distance. Obstacles vary at our Race there are plenty offered for all racers at different fitness levels -there are some very advanced obstacles as well – if a racer feels that they are not prepared to complete an advanced obstacle they simply go around it this race is for fun and challenging your physical limits -they will then have something to work towards the following year!

Armageddon Ambush’s birth?
Laura- Armageddon Ambush aka Fierce Fit was is a family owned business- Troy Levy has years of experience in Business and Finance and Laura Levy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion- they fell in love with the OCR industry after attending a Race themselves.

Age Limits
Laura- Must be 14 and Up to Race

Post-run activities
Laura- COLOR Party, contests such as Muddy Tug-0-War, Push Ups, Pull Ups, etc! There are local vendors sharing their product or service and South Florida’s Best Food Trucks in attendance!

Change since event’s inception 
Laura- We have grown a lot and learned a lot. We will continue to grow and learn to offer the best quality race possible.

Expansion Plans
Laura- Fierce Fit LLC plans to start hosting other types of Events such as- Corporate and Event Planning/Hosting

Charitable Ties
Laura- We proudly support HHK (Helping Heroes Kids) sending wounded veterans children to summer camps and after school programs

Anything you’d like to add? 
Laura- We are happy to continue to offer our Race to the South Florida Community as well as introduce the Community to OCR. We look forward to continuing to grow and offer great Events to the Community. Support Local OCR!

Please visit to register before online registration closes on Thursday.