Goliath Gauntlet

Bigger and better than ever!
– review of the event at the Sheridan House Campus (Davie).

In just a short time, Sheridan House Family Ministries has created an event that is an absolute can’t miss for really anybody looking to have a good time. However, the thing that makes the event standout among the plethora of other obstacle course runs is that 100% of the proceeds from the event go to support the children’s homes at Sheridan House.  Sheridan House is committed to offering community services, which give children and families the opportunity to reach their full, God given, potential; opportunities that might otherwise not be available due to impeding circumstances in the home.

New this year to the 3.5 mile course that featured 22 obstacles was Frostbite and Running on Water. Frostbite dared runners to take a plunge into freezing ice water, which they couldn’t just run through, but had to submerge themselves as they ducked under a wooden board. I swear I thought I was going to black out. Thankfully the result was more like a bolt of energy…well at least temporarily as 20 more obstacles loomed. 14 obstacles later was the other addition, Running on Water, which proved to be my biggest adversary. The obstacle challenged runners to glide across a lake over several aligned boards that would dip into the water with every step. While my group wasn’t successful, the obstacle seemed like a walk in the park for others. I can’t wait to challenge that obstacle next year should they bring it back along with the other exciting obstacles that returned this year.

For more information on the foundation visit SheridanHouse.org and the event at www.GoliathGauntlet.com