Roger McGuinn

Still rockin’ long after finding a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
– interview with Roger McGuinn.

Well first, thanks for doing this via email rather than the traditional in-person interview or phone route. I imagine through the years you’ve had to deal with things that sidetracked initial plans be it performing sick or having an interview when you had no voice so how’d you do it? Is there some crazy herbal drink or yoga practice we don’t know about?
McGuinn- I have had to cancel sold out concerts due to laryngitis but there are a few tricks I’ve used over the years. A doctor in Los Angeles once recommended Afrin nasal spray shot into the throat to take away the swelling. That works for a day, but then there’s a rebound. If my voice is not completely gone I can lower the keys of songs and still perform.

What drives you to keep the music alive all these years and how long do you think you’ll keep it going?
McGuinn- I have no plans to retire from either performing or keeping the Folk Den going. Both are labors of love.

Considering all your accomplishments, especially your place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is there anything you wished you had done different?
McGuinn- I feel overall my career has been very rewarding. I’ve made quite a few mistakes but it’s been a lot of fun.

What about something you are still waiting to do?
McGuinn- Sail around Cape Horn. It’s a rite of passage sung about in many songs of the sea.

Now with social media such a presence for countless musicians, could you imagine what the world would’ve been like for you and the other Byrds members had it been around during your early days?
McGuinn- I think the Byrds came along at a perfect time with AM radio being the primary music outlet – Folk Music ebbing and the British Invasion taking over. It would have been very difficult to rise above the noise in today’s Internet market.

In closing, tell me what’s in store for you down the road? I see you got a number of east coast tour dates, but any other tour plans? Working on a new album, etc?
McGuinn- The Folk Den Project Twentieth Anniversary Edition has just gone to the pressing plant and should be available within a month. It’s another 100 song four CD set. We will sell it at concert venues and on the Internet via and our own web site. It will be similar to this one but with different songs:

Roger will be performing in Stuart at Lyric Theatre on March 9th and at Delray Beach’s Crest Theatre on March 11th.