Slava’s Snowshow

Simply Wondrous.
– review of the show at the Ziff Ballet Opera House in the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts (Miami).

Unlike anything you’ve probably seen before, Slava’s Snowshow creates a dreamlike reality that you just don’t want to escape. Audience members are quickly whisked away from South Florida’s ungodly heat to what seems to be a blizzard as snowflakes cover all over the theater’s floor. However, that unusual scene is just part of the pre-show spectacle as a fun series of sound effects shape that new reality too.

If you’re already coming to the show, which YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST, be prepared for a zany interactive experience. Yes, you and everybody around you gets to be a part of the show, but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have to leave your seat. In fact, at times the clowns bring their antics right to you. Still, what you should expect are things like snowflakes and bubbles lightly showering over you, a huge snowflake-like web expanding above you’re outstretched hands and monstrous balls bouncing all around the theater.

Props aside, the array of mostly silent clowns provide plenty of theatrics themselves. You seriously won’t stop laughing. Meshed with colorful over-the-top outfits and nutty sound effects, the clowns had give one hilarious physical cue after the other. I felt like I was having as much fun as all the children if not more.

Of note, audience members are encouraged to photograph and video their experience during the 20-minute intermission and finale with the giant balls. Make sure to tag the Arsht Center with @arshtcenter and use the hashtag #SlavasSnowshow on your posts.

Slava’s Snowshow continue its run in Miami until August 6th.

Photo by V. Vial

Photo by A. Lopez

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Photo by Ben Thacker

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Snowstorm Finale – Photo by Ben Thacker

Snowstorm Finale – Photo by Ben Thacker