Salt N Pepa

Hip Hop legends Salt N Pepa lands in South Florida on August 19th as part of the I Love The 90’s Tour.
– interview with Salt.

So, you ready to come into the sun here in sunny South Florida…in a few weeks?
Salt– Always. No Problem. (laughing)

So, tell me about the tour. What’s it like seeing that kind of nostalgia you’ve brought amongst the crowd?
Salt- Oh, it’s been amazing. I mean, I’m still kind of shocked that you know 31 years later everyone is so into the 90s. (laughing) But, it’s been fun, you know it’s just like a party. I always say in the show that we grew up together. People tell us we’re the soundtrack of their lives and how we got them in trouble with their parents for singing Let’s Talk About Sex and Push It. When we do meet and greets before the show, we get to talk to the fans and then we go on stage and it’s just a great feeling to know how we’ve been a part of their lives. It makes us feel like we’ve really meant something to them, because the tour has been going on for almost a year and it’s not really slowing down. So, it’s been awesome.

Is it even more rewarding knowing that your songs are not only have relevant with yesterday’s crowd, but really people today. I mean like that movie Deadpool kind of brought your music back to the forefront with the younger generation.
Salt– Yeah, we could have never predicted that we would still be this popular. It was in a Geico commercial that really like tipped the scale for us as well. At our shows we have 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s babies that are enjoying our music, because its timeless. But, then when I step out of myself as an artist and I look at another female artist that has timeless music like Mariah Carey or whoever, it just shows that great music never fades. People are always going to want to go back and enjoy that time in their lives and so we keep pressing on. I would have never thought in a million years that I’d still be touring this vigorously now.

Yeah and for a little over 30 years too.
Salt- Yeah, we are in year 31. Our first song came out in 86’ I believe.

Geez, so do you have anniversaries planned, especially when you hit those plateaus? I’d say you could celebrate maybe on a big cruise, but it looks like you’re already doing that.
Salt- Yeah, we’re doing the Ship Hop cruise, which is lots of fun for us. We’re planning a residency in Vegas, working on a biopic as well as quite a few other things beyond this I Love The 90’s tour. Our 30th anniversary was sort of, part of the celebration of going back on tour, not just doing spot dates, which is turning out to be never-ending. (laughing)

So the way things are going, years from now, your music will likely be heard even in a retirement home with people’s teeth coming out, but ears still locked in.
Salt- Yeah whether we are here or not, music just lives forever. We’ve became a part of history and not just American history, but really world music history with our international success. You know it is what it is. You’re embedded in the archive in music at that point, which to me is a surreal experience, because when I think of that I think of people like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston…so to even say that Salt and Pepa falls into that category… When I’m doing shows I’m like thinking to myself like wow we have a lot of hit records and maintained them for a long time that’s lasting the test of time.

Do you feel like a part of that is by how lyrically you were able to emphasize that strong women kind of power like that feminism of it all?
Salt- Well yeah absolutely. I mean this is a male driven form of music. It’s a very misogynistic form of music and for any women to get through to the massive and last and make you know great music that the world appreciates, it’s a big deal. So, part of our success definitely is the declaration of our feminine energy and our feminine power. You know what that meant to us growing up and what it means to us still even as grown women is a big part of Salt and Pepa’s success. I think that really resonated with women even though it wasn’t planned. It was just us being who we are in any giving moment during our journey and I think that we brought something different to the table. You know there weren’t many female groups. We were best friends actually before we became Salt and Pepa and I think that the fact we were having fun and we were being original and keeping it real resonated with women, especially you know men think we’re cute and you know whatever. They have their little stories about Salt and Pepa that I don’t care to hear a lot of times (laughing), but women take us seriously as you know the girls that brought fun, fashion and femininity to hip hop.

So, a little while ago you mentioned about a biopic and I was curious would it be styled similar to the ones the men released to the masses like N.W.A and 2pac?
Salt- Yeah, people ask about that all the time and they are very interested in our story. We have a story. We been through a lot in this industry and we think that it’s time for us to put it out there and we’ll see what happens.

Is there anybody out there that you are like wow I hope this person goes and plays my character?
Salt- I’ve been having a real hard time figuring that out. I think that I might just leave that up to the producers (laughing) I really don’t know. (laughing)

And tying in South Florida, I read you threw out the first pitch at a Marlins game.
Salt- Yeah it was a few years ago. It was a great pitch, right in the pocket.

How did you decide who threw it, because I can’t imagine you both threw it out simultaneously?
Salt- Oh well I went and then Pep went. We both did it. We share everything. (laughing)

I didn’t know if you two had to have another lip sync battle or something like that to decide?
Salt- You saw that huh? I still think that I won. I was robbed. (laughing)

Well that just means you have to have a rematch.
Salt- Yeah, they are asking. Actually. They want us to do that again in the future. I’m going to have to come up with my A game to make sure I beat her.

Just wrapping it up, I know you both are involved in so many different projects, which really seems endless so is there anything else out there for fans that they should know about beyond obviously the tour coming through August 19th and the upcoming cruise?
Salt- Well like I said we’re working on a Vegas residency, which is so hilarious because back in the day we used to joke about that. We used to pretend we were on a Vegas stage, which it seems everybody is doing now. It’s funny, because we thought it was cheesy, but now it’s like the in-thing. I remember when people told us “reality television, oh you’re hitting the bottom of the barrel,” but now if you do reality television it’s just television. We’re always kind of in the forefront of those things like when we did the Salt and Pepa show… man that was in 2007. People are still asking when is that show going to come back and I’m like you realize how old long ago that was. But, yeah that’s it really, you know the residency, the biopic, the cruise and the tour I Love The 90’s when we’re coming to your city. Come check us out, your guaranteed to have a great, amazing time.