Medieval Times

Orlando’s ultimate showcase in family dining never ages.
– review of the dinner show (Orlando).

Having been to Medieval Times several times in my youth and a few times as adult, one would assume that the fun has got to start wavering, but that’s really not the case with the Orlando mainstay. The dinner show really has become synonymous with fun, friendly, family entertainment. Just witnessing the pure joy of people seeing the show for the first time was spectacle enough. Afterall, everything lines up seamlessly from the pre-show antics of the nobility to your very own wenches serving you throughout the show. Making matters even better, the food was surprisingly outstanding from the tomato bisque soup to the well-seasoned potatoes and roasted chicken. Just be prepared to go all medieval-style and eat with your hands.

Entertainment-wise expect to see well-choreographed knights duke it out, jousting competitions, beautiful horses and even a majestic flight of a falcon swarming over your head and throughout the crowd. Still, hands-down the best part of it is how interactive the crowds get to be with the show, cheering on their noble knight and some ladies even getting a flower from them. Even when not victorious, it’s just such a good time. There aren’t really any losers in this fantastic production. That said it did feel great cheering on what would be the knight out of five others.

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