Taking the scares of the Halloween season to insane heights, Howl-O-Scream still a hit with fans.

While pretty much a veteran of haunted houses, especially Busch Gardens annual event, little seems to startle me, at least so I thought.

This year the theme park definitely caught me off guard more than a few times, afterall there’s so much to see that you get caught looking one way and the scare comes from behind. However, having to wait for sometimes a few hours is a little too unnerving to fully enjoy the park so if able to go during the early dates to avoid the long lines, definitely make the effort. Thankfully my visit was early and the longest wait I had was maybe 20 minutes waiting to ride Cheetah Run. Really all of the thrilling coasters like Montu and Sheikra we waited, but nothing more than a few minutes

Still, one thing that really bothered us was that we constantly missed the scares since the characters would pop out just before we got to see them. We always knew what was coming up. Now, I understand the need to keep lines of people constantly moving, but they really need to slow the pace down to allow more people to enjoy those scares.

That said we still had a good time, namely enjoying the vibrant laugh-frenzy pop culture show, Fiends, and one of the most creative house’s I’ve ever ventured in called Motel Hell. The acting along with all the nightmarish effects really made the hairs on the back of your neck rise. New this year was Undead Arena Live and Demented Dimensions. Undead Arena Live was a little disappointing considering that the house was so dark that you couldn’t really enjoy any of the visuals clearly like the bodies dangling above or being chopped up right in front of you. Hopefully the darkness illuminates just a bit in the future…just not too bright