Downtown Julie Brown set to host 90’s Ship Hop Cruise.

MTV’s iconic host of the 90’s chimes in about upcoming party cruise and life after MTV.

So first off how exciting is it to be asked to host the upcoming Ship Hop cruise?
Brown- When I first got the call about hosting the Ship Hop Cruise I said yes immediately! Then after a couple of days my next move was to go straight to my MTV trunk and see what wardrobe I had:)

I jump at any opportunity to dress in fun 90’s fashion! To me the 90’s said, “I’m ME deal with it” The fashion, the attitude all fueled by the music of that time. Salt-N-Pepa not just talking ‘bout sex, but about SAFE sex in a way to keep your groove, but also your smarts.

Why do you think so many people who grew up in that era of music are clamoring to get on the ship? Is there something about that music’s staying power?
Brown- The 90’s release us from the 80’s in such a deliberate colorful way where words and music became everything. We weren’t just watching videos, we were listening to the fun side of life while knowing all its struggles and woes within the circle of ‘This is life now.’ From Ton Loc concocting a fictional love potion drink to vanilla ice, it’s all about me:) …all said with love and respect.

I can’t talk for others on why they love the 90’s… I just imagine because…our era is much younger than our parents…and we still feel so young…and are still very much in the game. The music reminds us of our fun nights…and still our days of loving it are ongoing. When I put on a Color Me Bad song or play Naughty by Nature it really feels like it was yesterday… and yeah gosh dag it…OPP!

How do you summarize what Ship Hop is slated to be?
Brown- This will be my first 90’s ship hop cruise and I can only giggle when thinking of what the heck will go on!! Coz back in the day I giggled at everything that could happen and it did! I danced my way thru the 90’s…so definitely hoping for a repeat!!! Bring it:)

Did that fun party mentality vibe you had during your days as MTV’s VJ ever waver or have you simply been hibernating a bit till this upcoming Ship Hop cruise?
Brown- I have not been under a rock since MTV! Lol. I have been working constantly and had many fun fab jobs in between from conducting interviews for player of the game on ESPN’s Monday Night Football show, then hosting a gossip show on E! Entertainment TV, plus being a part of live award shows while creating a TV show for Billboard. My favorite was hosting live gigs with the fans.

I am also a ‘fabulous’ wife and awesome mom!!! YES! That’s what the 90’s did for me…made me believe in myself ‘n’ damn I did good! Lol

Obviously since the time you were essentially the Host’est with the Most’est for MTV, the network has really gone all over the spectrum, especially with reality TV so what’s your take on everything? Do you believe things evolved in the right manner or should all of us young adults be looking to create a time machine?
Brown- I have till now been involved in music whether I’m on the mic or just as an observer. Both make me feel good. I’m also happy to see all the acts that were just starting out back in the day and whom most made a performance visit or two on my club MTV show are still doing what they did best back then. I really enjoy the well-deserved love ‘n’ respect for the 90’s music maker.

It was not easy. It was hard work. We were on the road show after show and somehow we made it thru. We lost some along the way…, but the fans have never forgotten the 90’s era.

Beyond this party cruise, what’s in store for you (more acting or hosting gigs, etc)?
Brown- I am the host of SiriusXM’s ’90s on 9 daily from noon till 6 west coast, 3 till 9 east coast. The show is filled with all the excitement and emotions of the era. I love getting up on the mic and fill in some blanks and paint the picture of a memory of that song, that gig, that performance and what they were wearing!!!

The fashion, the fun, the love, all remain. My 23-year-old daughter will get up in a second to perform Baby Got Back. She knows and loves her 90s hits! So I guess what I’m saying is…the era is ongoing! And still a surefire guaranteed packed dance floor!

The pants maybe a little too short, the t-shirts may be a little more snug, but the attitude is still the same!

Let’s get our 90’s on!