Endless entertainment, Michael Carbonaro’s tour is a massive hit!!

Carbonaro has an exciting blend of magic and acting rolled into one where one second your jaw has dropped and the next second you’re on a rollercoaster of laughter.While TV shows can often be fine-tuned to satisfy audiences before airing, there’s something to be said for those delivering entertainment in a similar spectrum live. Afterall, at any turn things can go wrong, but Michael Carbonaro’s live show doesn’t miss a beat even when having some fun improv with his audience or when he invited a few of them on stage. His playful demeanor and wacky mannerisms is really enjoyable, especially the banter he had with those invited children on stage.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect coming into his show, especially since as mentioned, editing can make anybody appear more entertaining than they are, however Carbonaro exceeded all my expectations. He seemingly perfects the balance of having just enough adult humor to not be a kid’s show, but nothing inappropriate for young ones either. This is why as he alludes too, and I love about his TV show The Carbonaro Effect, he manages to bring families together. Everybody is continually won over by his combination of comedic acting and magic.

Carbonaro first blended his magic and acting chops during hilarious segments on the Jay Leno show, which in turn led to his popular TruTv show The Carbonaro Effect. Still, beyond the work on those two shows, you may have seen him appear on Chappelle’s Show, All My Children,  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy or The Newsroom.

Without divulging too much of his routine, Carbonaro’s acts featured several illusions and slight of hand tricks including fish, tattoos, money and so much more. Yet, one of the most memorable scenes doesn’t have any form of magic, just shaving cream…which I’ll leave it at that. Just so much fun. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

Make sure to arrive on time for a hilarious opener by comedian

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