Holiday classic underwhelms

While not one to belittle things that created pleasant childhood memories, A Charlie Brown Christmas is one that doesn’t muster much happiness.

The best part of the production created from the holiday classic is that there was an early show so you were able to rectify the day as you left the theater. Sure, you were able to play on nostalgia with a showcase of popular Peanuts characters and their familiar mannerisms, but it just wasn’t enough. The songs were even forgettable outside of the constant (and I mean constant) playing of the Peanuts theme song. Thankfully toward the end of the show, the characters engaged the crowd in some nice Christmas sing-a-longs, but again it just wasn’t enough. Parents were seemingly always looking at their watches and children were nodding off all over the theater. I even saw a few children playing games on cell phones during the show. With plenty of music, but little dialogue and simple choreography, it could be expected.

The wholesome story tells of Charlie Brown wanting to reshape his classmates take on the true meaning of Christmas. In a attempt to brush aside their materialistic thoughts on the holiday, he becomes director of his school’s Christmas pageant and quickly learns the road isn’t too easy.