Titan FC’s 2-Division Champion Weighs the state of MMA Today and His Potential Jump to the UFC.

Jose “Shorty” Torres on the verge of greatness beyond Titan-FC?

  • Titan FC's Jose "Shorty" Torres
    Titan FC's Jose "Shorty" Torres

With the way MMA has gone lately where fighters are essentially jumping over more deserving guys in their division, what do you think needs to be done to change that? Should the tournament format become the go to way?
Shorty- I’m not a huge fan of these fighters jumping over the next guy up to face a top fighter or the champion. It’s great for the fighter and there is no fault to him, but I believe it looks bad for the promotion allowing the more popular opponent to get the next big fight instead of picking the guy who’s next in line. I believe in the ranking system and I’m a huge fan as a champion myself to have the champ fight the next person in line instead of the guy with more hype or following. It shows a champion’s dominance and gives him a better reputation at the end of his reign.

A tournament is a great way for everyone to fight whoever with proper seeding and to have the best man win to fight the champion, but that honestly takes way too long and leaves the champion waiting to get another paycheck. It’s the promotion’s job to enforce the ranking system and if they aren’t doing that, then why have one in the first place?

Do you ever feel like your training needs to go beyond the gym and maybe take Trash-Talking 101 with Connor McGregor or Chael Sonnen?
Shorty- Trash talk has become a huge thing in the sport, because of the incredibly fast rise of fighters like Connor McGregor and Chael Sonnen. Many fighters are jumping on the trash talking band wagon hoping that their voices get heard. They hope it creates a problem/hype for a fight and makes the fans emotionally invested like for example everything happening with Colby Covington. People now know who he is and whether you like him or not, you know of him.

I get the whole background of it, but that’s not the way I roll nor is it ever going to be my style. I’m an honest and nice person in a brutal sport. We are all after the same goal, it just so happens we are all in each other’s way. I do enough to put on a show when I’m in the cage and my background should be hyped enough to make it a fan-worthy fight.

Everyone is different and when I quote on quote “trash talk,” I state the facts and what I truly believe is going to happen in the fight. Nothing more is needed on my half and if my opponent wants to trash talk, then so be it, but I will show the fans a different outcome in the cage.

How frustrating has it been that you’ve seemingly dominated in Titan FC, have a perfect record and have yet to be called up by the UFC, especially after seeing what Tim Elliot has done with the opportunity he was given before you?
Shorty- Tim Elliot and many other fighters from Titan FC have dominated in the UFC and have put on some great performances. I’m excited to eventually get a contract and show what I can do, but I have received multiple calls by the UFC. Sadly, every time they have called it’s been for a last-minute fight during a time I’m recovering from an injury. Its honestly just been bad luck considering the timing of their calls, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

I know what I can do against some of the best and I’m excited to get that chance to prove it. I’m honestly just waiting for a real call for a properly promoted fight instead of a last minute one. I’m no average fighter, I’ve worked hard for what I have been able to accomplish, and I don’t believe I should be treated like someone even lower than that. A last-minute fight is something I’m always down for, but not for a first fight in the UFC. I truly believe I’m deserving of a fight contract instead of a last-minute call up. I’ve done what no fighter has done before as an amateur and have accomplished many things as a pro that people never even get to in record time. I know I’m deserving of a contract. Now it’s just the UFC that needs to see that.

What’s your feelings on the UFC’s latest venture with the Ultimate Fighter taking on fighters with a perfect record, but still leaving your weight class out of it? Would you have auditioned if your weight class was being done?
Shorty- I think every season of The Ultimate Fighter keeps getting better and better making the competition that much greater. This one is nothing less and should be one of the best seasons yet. I believe they excluded the flyweight division for a couple of reasons. One reason is that they just finished a show with some of the best flyweights in the world so there’s no need to make another season on them and two, the 125-pound division doesn’t have much hype around it so why invest in something that not too many people care or even know about.

I personally wouldn’t have auditioned for the show if they had my weight class, because honestly what for? Everyone that has been on a TUF show has either been a person trying to make it up quick by fighting in front of Dana and haven’t accomplished many things from their careers/aren’t known or are UFC veterans trying to make their way back up. I’ve accomplished in only 6 fights things that people dream of accomplishing in their whole career, so I believe I’ve done enough to prove my dominance and belonging in the UFC. There’s no need for a show if I’ve done enough to prove a point.

Regarding Titan FC, who’s next for you?
Shorty- With my last win. I’ve officially won and defended both belts. I’m a double weight class champion and a dominant one at that. If the UFC doesn’t offer me a contract anytime soon, then I need to keep myself ready and financially stable. My next fight would then respectfully be back at the weight class I should be at and that’s 125. I will defend my belt against whoever is next in line. I honestly don’t know who that is, but I’m ready for whoever Titan FC puts in front of me. I don’t shy away from any fight, but I’m ready for tougher and more reputable competition. I’ve beaten the champion and the number 1 contender at both weight classes. I don’t feel like fighting guys below that, fighting lower and lower competition each time. I’m ready for the next big test and that’s the UFC.

Is it a matter of just signing the dotted line with whoever they put in front of you or are you interested in a particular fighter?
Shorty- I would love some fights more than others, because I do believe some fights would be more exciting and entertaining for the fans, but at this point I’m willing to prove myself once again against whoever they put in front of me. Whether that’d be the newbie like me, a top-10 guy like Tim Elliot or the champion DJ. I’m ready for whomever!

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