Inexperienced Fishers Are Going to Get Hooked

Whether experienced or not, Low Key Angling is the perfect outing for anybody wanting a calm, but exciting time out on the ocean.
– review of the fishing charter in the Florida Keys.

Having little to really no experience fishing, my colleague and I never could’ve imagined we’d have so much fun catching fish. Besides, we’re super competitive and the idea that we’d actually reel something in wasn’t too high. Yet, even though we started off having a few bites from barracudas, the end result was they got away. Now in most endeavors where your skills fail to meet your ultimate goal, you’d be hard-pressed to muster much joy, but the serenity of everything totally won out. That’s the thing about Captain Brian Stilley’s fishing charter, we never felt rushed to try and succeed and even when we got caught in lousy rain-filled weather, we had a blast with his calm demeanor.

Afterall, where most companies would pack it in with the advent of pouring rain, Stilley never wavered after we showed our willingness to press on. He did some readings and got a good look at the clouds for safety and off we went. It was a good thing too since the careful instruction he gave earlier started to pay off. Yes we got tangled a few times, but in the process one fish after the next kept getting reeled in for our coveted photo opp. He didn’t have to take over either, it was all us until it reached the boat.

I just can’t put into words the fun we had and that’s even if we didn’t catch any fish. Stilley’s positives vibes in our privatized journey was surreal. I never thought I would say it, but I can’t wait to go fishing again.

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  • Low Key Angling in the Lower Florida Keys
    Low Key Angling in the Lower Florida Keys