Attraction Provides Random Fun in Cozumel

Random reaches a whole new level with the outrageously fun Clear Lounge located in Cozumel.

Descending down a vertical ladder with the high-tech Sea TREK® helmet placed on your shoulders, your underwater experience becomes a spectacle not only for yourself, but also for those passing by. It’ll probably be the closest thing you’ll do to being in your own personal fish bowl. During your experience, you’ll enjoy the feeling of weightlessness, an aroma-filled oxygen, a wacky game of Jenga, a photo booth with goofy props and an LED display, shooting a high-powered bubble gun and writing messages for those watching you on the other side of the glass tank.

  • Clear Lounge Cozumel
    Clear Lounge Cozumel

Make sure if heading there to try one of their delicious oxygen-infused smoothies.

Oxygen-Infused Smoothie at Clear Lounge Cozumel

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