Shannon Briggs is Back!!

Briggs will Attempt to Reclaim the World Heavyweight Title While Launching New Business Venture.
– interview with the Two-Time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.


You’ve accomplished so much already in the boxing world and have dealt with numerous injuries in achieving those goals so what’s that’s driving force to go through it again and try to reclaim the World Heavyweight title?
Briggs- For a good period of time I stopped taking care of myself, I weighed over 400 pounds and was depressed. I took a break from boxing to care of myself and now I am in the greatest shape of my life. I feel better than ever, which has been the driving force for me to reclaim the World Heavyweight title.

Has your recently launched business Champ RX LLC been a motivator since I’m sure the alternative treatment has helped you fight one of your biggest opponents, pain?
Briggs- For sure, I learned a lot during my dark period. Doctors would prescribe me dangerous, highly addictive painkillers that just made my depression more severe. Once I discovered the medicinal effect of cannabis, I started to turn around and finally feel better. Which is why I started Champ RX LLC, a line of CBD products that will include topical lotion, supplements and edibles to help heal others who have similar pain as me.

Are there other motivators as well to keep boxing, considering the state of boxing’s so-called elite today, wanting to break Foreman’s record or maybe just you’re unable to shake that boxer’s mentality?
Briggs- I am 46 years old and feel more motivated than ever before! I have never been happier or been in better shape both mentally and physically in my entire life. As long as I feel this motivation, I have no plans of slowing down. I plan to continue to take care of myself and win as many titles as I can, LETS GO CHAMP!

Considering your long list of achievements in the ring, how great is it knowing that you’re able to help those stepping outside of it with your company?
Briggs- It’s an amazing feeling, the people I help are my biggest motivators. I am constantly in contact with fans over social media and email who tell me I am their inspiration and that they love my motivational posts. Which in return inspires me, it is an incredible feeling to be able to help so many people. LET’S GO CHAMP!

I imagine you would’ve changed your approach growing up in the ring with what you know now so what do you believe athletes need to understand with their bodies, especially now when CTE is discovered to be a very real thing?
Briggs- There is no way to go back in time and change the past, but it is definitely a scary thing to think about. You can only work toward bettering yourself today, which is why Champ RX LLC has become such a passion for me.  Champ RX LLC has already partnered with several professional sports teams and organizations to enable research on how CBD products can help with CTE and other brain disease and damage caused by traumatic head injuries. I look forward to seeing how Champ RX LLC products will benefit athletes suffering from different brain injuries.

Lastly, when that day comes and you finally need to hang up your gloves, how would you like to be remembered?
Briggs- As a fighter. Whether in the ring or out of the ring I have fought hard to be where I am today. My mom passed on my birthday, my dad died in prison, I had a rough life growing up, and I struggled with depression as an adult but here I am today. I never gave up which has caused me achieve so much, LETS GO CHAMP!

For more information on yourself as well as your new venture where should people go?
Briggs- My Instagram is cannon_briggs; you can also follow me on Twitter@TheCannonBriggs. You can buy my LETS GO CHAMP gear here,